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Dispatch from Aspen: The Two Twelve House

This is the access card to the Two Twelve House, about which there is no shortage of buzz here in Aspen. Quickly, the Two Twelve House is a house that's been rented out for the festival, sponsored and overlorded by Two Twelve, a marketing and management company (there was also one of these houses in South Beach). They do things like connect Scott Conant with his cookware line manufacturers. Scott Feldman is the man in charge of all this and he's made it clear in no uncertain terms that there's very little chance we're getting our hands on one of the above cards, which guarantee you access to the house. In fact, there are only 100 of the cards made and they've all already been ear-marked and distributed. So if you don't have one by now, you don't have one.

Whereas, at most festivals there are a bunch of sponsored houses that people bounce to and from, in Aspen this is, really, the only show in town. As far as what transpires at the house, we can't really say. What we know will likely get us killed at some point (something about champagne bottles flying at high velocities), and those who have said things did so only after we signed their air-tight NDAs. But, this is one of those talking points you just have to have. Caribou Club be damned: everyone who is anyone is at the Two Twelve House. (And yes, there is a chance we're being this kind because we'd like to be let in tonight.)
· Two12 - AccessAspen [official site]

Calling all correspondents: Been to the house? we're listening. Closely.