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EaterWire: One Last Song For Helen's & More!

CHELSEA—Has the DOH temporarily closed down Helen's Restaurant, Cabaret & Piano Bar in Chelsea, or is the establishment shuttering for good? From a reader, "I had heard rumors that this place may be up for sale at the end of the month, but last night at midnight we stumbled upon people posting a DOH sign on the door and locking up. I wonder if that is the official end." [EaterWire Inbox]

FLATIRON—Though The Burger Joint didn't last too long in it's home on Third Avenue and 20th Streets, it's not leaving the neighborhood. As we heard a month ago, the eatery is simply moving a few hundred feet. From a tipster, "The Burger Joint on 3rd Avenue at 20th has closed as you know. Tony, the owner, told me that he will be opening at a new location one block down on 3rd Avenue between 19th & 20th Streets in a month’s time. Right now construction is starting. It will be a bigger place but with the same décor." [EaterWire Inbox]