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The Shutter Morning Coffee Edition: DTUT, Ini Ani

Brace yourself for a Thursday full of carnage. Let's kick off with a special café installment of The Shutter, reporting on restaurant, bar, and club closings around town.

1) Upper East Side: Hot from the inbox, tragic news for the UES stroller and laptop set: "DTUT closing! and its true after talking to the staff. It seems DTUT, the upper east side coffee lounge on 84th and 2nd is closing down on the 24th. This place has been a neighborhood favorite for 7+ years for me: the free wifi, the S'mores over the open flame, and the couches and chairs that make it look like the Friends set. And its only because after the fixed 7 year lease, the building's landlord is doubling the rent. Will I be living in Starbucks from now on?" [Shutter Inbox]


2) Lower East Side: The signs were bad at Stanton Street coffee haven Ini Ani when it went up for sale late last year, and worse when the Grim Reaper came calling back in January. The final curtain has fallen, per a tipster: "They must have raised the rents on Stanton Street, this morning I noticed Ini'Ani (the coffee/wine bar) was gone." Confirms the official site, "After 3+ years, we have closed our doors. Thank you deeply to everyone for making Ini Ani a special time and place for us all. We made a fortune in friendships and memories." Adds another tipster, "Where oh where will I get my free wi-fi? Oh, Schiller's, apparently." [Shutter Inbox]