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Deathwatch/Shutter Chronicles: Devils Migrate to Hell Square

Some spaces are beyond Deathwatching. Which is to say that failure is so nearly automatic, given the ghosts haunting them, that the Deathwatch Committee (a prideful group, they) just won't go there.

One such space: 199 Orchard Street, the space that held Kitchen and Cocktails until its sudden demise, and then subsequently the nearly always deserted Big John. So, anyway, here's a stunner—Big John's shuttered. What next for the space? We'd heard rumors the E.U. team had interest, but tipster files this report to set the record straight: " A liquor board app in the window reads Diablo Royale East—meaning a Jason Hennings operation." And like that, the narrative of death and rebirth continues apace in Hell Square.
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