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EaterWire: Duvet Goes Drinks Only & More!

CHELSEA—A reader writes, "The inside scoop, duvet is shuttering their restaurant.... and becoming a nightclub full time... why they dident do it sooner... who knows." We're shocked that Duvet, the Bed imitator, was even considered a restaurant. [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST— Cutlets has the news that hotelier Vikram Chatwal has joined with chef/restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian and the guys behind Lotus and Double Seven to open a hotel on West 44th Street called the Lamb's Club. The place will have a restaurant on the first floor, and a cocktail lounge on the second. [Cutlets]

WILLIAMSBURG—For those longing for a plate full of Union Picnic's fried chicken and collard greens, some bad news. The eatery, recently DOHed, is still shuttered and may not reopen. From a tipster, "It looks like it's closed for good. Went by there last night. Newspaper covering all front windows. No more union picnic signage except up at the top of the building on the outside. Everything else is gone. Still nothing on DOH website." [EaterWire Inbox]