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2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen: A Preview

Starting at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow, when we catch a 6 AM flight to Aspen, we'll be on location for you at the 25th annual 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. That is the official name and we have been instructed to please refer to it as such. The good people of Food & Wine have thrown caution to the wind and invited us out for the festivities, which include seminars, tastings, drinkings, and schmoozing with industry bigwigs from Food & Wine editorial honcho Dana Cowin to newbie blogger Mario Batali to the one and only Drew Nieporent. There is also the matter of one celebrity chef poker tournament, hosted by David Rabin that we're gearing up for. There will be quiet a bit to take in, and get back out to you, but we're up for it. (Hidden camera rig packed for when the marketing department asks us to stop taking pictures, check. We kid, J.P. Kyrillos, we kid.) If you're heading West as well, do say hello; we'll be at Main Street Bakery for breakfast. If you're going to stay on this coast, but want us to pay particular attention to anything for you, say the word via comments and we'll do what we can.
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