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Shopsin's Essex Market Update: "Probably Next Week"

Eater's network operations center is based on the Lower East Side today -- and, yes, on many other days as well -- and so we had an opportunity to swing by his new digs at the Essex Street Market, stall #16, for a progress report. Construction is still in full swing, but our man is now on site, bearded, head-banded, and a small bit grouchy, per usual. The meeting went as follows: we've still got to buy all the food. [pause; to us:] Yes?
Eater: Hi Kenny, sorry to interrupt. Just wondering when you'll be ready.
KS: Probably next week.
Eater: Excellent. The place looks almost ready. Do you mind if we snap a qu--
KS: I do mind.
Eater: Oh. Alrighty! Have a nice day, Kenny. Thanks.
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