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EaterWire/Plywood Mashup: Tailor's Got Major Wood & More!

Shot of Tailor's plywooded exterior courtesy of Noah Kalina

SOHO—Above, a look at the soon-to-open restaurant Tailor at 525 Broome Street between Thompson and Sullivan, coming to us from none other than Sam Mason. Note that the place's liquor license is still pending—we certainly hope that doesn't cause any, ah, delays. [EaterWire]

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS—It turns out that Mexican restaurant and bar Nacho's isn't just closed for renovations—nope, the place is going the way of the dinosaur. Per a tipster, "I've been told by a part-time waiter there and friend of the owner's that they are closing Nacho's Kitchen and replacing it with a TBD eatery. The owners also run the always-popular Pizzabolla on 93rd and Amsterdam." [EaterWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—DOHed eatery Brick Oven Gallery is back on it's feet. A reader writes, "Brick Oven Gallery in Williamsburg is now open again. I went last night, the place was packed, and the kitchen hasn't skipped a beat." [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—More information about Terroir, that restaurant/wine bar the owners of Hearth are planning on opening at 413 E 12th Street: it's going to be tiny (500 square feet), seating will be confined to a bar and a communal table (so very Blue Ribbon Downing Street), and it may, may be open by fall. From Cutlets, details on the food and drink: "The menu, he tells us, will feature “some marinated vegetables, some cured meats, and a ‘balls’ section: ricotta balls, bacala balls, rice balls, everything balls.” The main draw, though, will be Grieco’s wine list, which will range from “cheap, cheap” bottles to some very good ones, drawn from all over the world — not, as in so many wine bars, only traditional wine-growing areas in Europe and America." [Cutlets]

COBBLE HILL—One of our favorite bakeries, One Girl Cookies, is launching a special late-night sweets menu on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 10pm. This weekend, they'll be offering a campfire s'more tartlet, mini-strawberry shortcakes and jasmine-infused panna cotta. [EaterWire Inbox]