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Room 4 Dessert Closure Has Nothing to Do with DOH: Goldfarb

Since we're already in the thick of things on the topic of Will Goldfarb and his summer closure of Room 4 Dessert, we'll take it one step farther. Several readers -- hardened by months of Department of Health shenanigans, their hearts blackened by a sea of restaurateurs who have tried foolishly to swap the phrase closed for renovations with shuttered by the Department of Health -- noted, via the comments, that the circumstances surrounding the dessert bar's closure were suspect. So we put in the query to Mr. Goldfarb.

Eater: We have to ask, does this closure have anything -- anything at all -- to do with the Department of Health?

Dessert King: Not at all. Certification is current. No warnings no worries. All items mentioned in online report were remedied last year (when report was from). Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Will also intimated there may, in fact, be a little more to this story, but he wasn't yet willing to divulge the particulars. In any case, no evidence of mouse infestation here.
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