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EaterWire: Hi-Life To Hit the UES & More!

UPPER EAST SIDE—Hi-Life, a pub that serves sushi on the Upper West Side, is giving the east side another go. From a tipster, "The former Mary Ann’s at 73rd & 2nd is going to be Hi-Life (signed lease)" The restaurant had previously tried a location on First Avenue a few years back, which didn't quite work out. [EaterWire Inbox]

2007_06_po%20brooklyn.jpgSMITH STREET—We've been waiting so long for Po Brooklyn to open (since last September) that we practically forgot about it. The Gowanus Lounge refreshes our memory today with the news that the restaurant, an offshoot of the Italian eatery opened by Mario Batali on Cornelia Street in Manhattan, will be opening this Thursday. And with that news, you might want to take some time to look over the menu again before D-Day. [The Gowanus Lounge]

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS—Has happy-hour margarita go-to Nacho's Kitchen been shut down by the DOH—or are they really just closed for renovations? A reader writes: "Not sure if this is a deathwatch or not, but I walked by Nacho's Kitchen at 2893 Broadway (@112th St.) last night and it was closed. I called them today to ask if they were open, and they said they are "closed for renovations." No loss if they are closing for good - I find the food there is awful and the place only really exists so Columbia law school students can get drunk on cheap (and bad) margaritas. Last DOH report was 10/2006 and they passed (barely)." [EaterWire Inbox]