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Di Fara Checks-In With Reality, Health Dept.; On Track to Reopen This Week

DOH-shuttered pizzeria Di Fara will be get a lifeline and be allowed to reopen by the end of this week, as Slice reported over the weekend. More:

· Maggie contacted the DOH lawyer, and they worked some things out. Di Fara will not have to go to court on the 14th.
· They need to do tons of paperwork yet for the city, which will then send an inspector -- "hopefully Monday" ... "so we are looking at reopening by Wednesday or Thursday"
AMNY has the story as well. Say Di Fara patriarch Dom DeMarco, ""I've been open here so many years, the customers are on my side. They want me to open. The pizzas are so good." So in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, it does appear as if the DeMarco clan has come around to the opinion that they're not entirely above the law, for which we applaud them—and eagerly await our next Di Fara pizza.
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