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Eater Inside: Hill Country

Kalina, 6/9/07.

Hill Country, the first barbecue restaurant to open in New York in quite some time about the last 30 seconds, is a descendant of the great 'cue meat markets of Texas, specifically, here, Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas, which is widely considered to be one of the grandest barbecue restaurants in the universe. As is the case at any real barbecue joint, the pitmaster and his equipment are everything, and at Hill Country it's Robbie Richter, legend in his own time, who is leading the charge. He's cooking on Lone Star hardwood a wood that imparts a “wholesomely sweet flavor,” as Richter puts it in the PR blah-blah, shipped directly from Central Texas.

The place has those who love BBQ quite excited. In-person assessment from Mister Cutlets, "the place is the real deal." Further reading at Cutlets and Off the Broiler.