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Room 4 Dessert Takes Summer Vacation, Has Run-in With Verizon

Will Goldfarb devotees panicked over the weekend, when, thanks to a Verizon snafu, Room 4 Dessert's phone registered to callers as disconnected. Restaurants in New York do have a tendency to close abruptly from time to time, but closure of the hautiest dessert in town would be somewhat unfathomable, especially on such short notice. We've be in conference with the dessert acrobat this afternoon, however, and have confirmed that there's no reason to panic. While the restaurant is closed at present -- Will: "tired staff needing to rest for the summer" -- as has been for the last three weeks, it will reopen in roughly a week's time, with a well-rested staff and a spruced interior. And, in theory, a working telephone.
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