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AM Shutter: RIP Bright Food Shop, Kitchen/Market

Chelsea: Per our inbox, the Sun, and the note Bright Food Shop owners Dona Abraham and Stuart Tarabour posted in their storefront overnight, an era ends today. The Chelsea institution and Mexican fusion joint has closed, a victim of rising rents. The adjoining burrito stop/grocery Kitchen/Market, operated by the same owners, will shutter on Sunday. The petite restaurants had collectively been part of the Chelsea dining scene for over 20 years.

A note from a reader, received last night, "Shuttered: Bright Food Shop in Chelsea. Kitchen/Market to follow this weekend. So so sad." According to blogger Crazy Fingers, a makeshift memorial has already gone up outside the restaurant this morning. If there is any glimmer of hope here it's that Bright owners do have plans to re-open something in the future. In a throwaway line at the end of the Sun article, owner Dona Abraham mentions that she "hopes to start a small burrito operation inside another store not far away."
· Adios to ‘Moo Shu Mex': Chelsea Standby Closes [NY Sun]
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