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EaterWire: Central Kitchen "Regroups" & More!

WEST VILLAGE—By all appearances, it looks as if Central Kitchen, the meh bistro located next door to tapas restaurant Tasca (and under the same ownership) is shuttered for good—but we've got word from a reliable source that they're just "regrouping," whatever that means. [EaterWire Inbox]

2007_06_360.jpgRED HOOK—Fans of Hook dining destination 360 freaked out when the restaurant closed for renovations. Today, Eat For Victory has more information about the temporary shuttering, reporting that owner Arnaud Erhart is closing for some much-needed repairs and that "...his lease, of which he said "below market is kind of an understatement," is good for five and-a-half more years." Breathing easier now? [Eat For Victory]

UPPER EAST SIDE—While Penang UWS relocates, Penang UES closes down for a spell. From a tipster, "Penang UES has been DOH'd and closed since last weekend, no idea what led to the closure." [EaterWire Inbox]

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