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BruniBetting: Craftbar/Craftsteak

Tomorrow, Frank Bruni doubles up on Craftbar and Craftsteak, Tom Colicchio's casual restaurant and steakhouse, respectively. Today, the Eater oddsmakers have set the action as follows:

Zero Stars: 3-1
One Star: 2-1 ??
Two Stars: 5-1
Three Stars: 20-1
Four Stars: 25,000-1

Zero Stars: 7-2
One Star: 4-1
Two Stars: 3-1 ??
Three Stars: 12-1
Four Stars: 25,000-1

Here are your reference points: Tom Colicchio's show piece, Craft, has three stars; Craftbar has not been given the critical treatment from the Times since it has relocated and it had previously only been Journaled; Craftsteak is a Bruni re-review of his own one star review. With that said, Colicchio has made changes at Craftsteak -- menu tweaks, chef changes -- and we believe the Bruni will look kindly upon this. It's also hard to believe he'd re-review to match the one star the restaurant already has; plus, while the Bruni is a maniac, he'd be taking himself to a new level to re-review Craftsteak to goose egg it. As much as that review would be the read of the decade, we don't see it happening. Over at Craftbar, one star seems to be the most likely scenario, given its age, pedigree, and previous Times coverage. It's settled then: Eater is taking one star at Craftbar, two at Craftsteak.
· Craftbar/Craftsteak [NYT; after 9:00 PM]

?? denotes the Eater action.