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The Shutter: Fuelray, Pio Maya, Vegas, New World, and By Popular Demand, Porchetta Shutterwood!

The Shutter reports on bar and restaurant closings around town. Let's get to it.

1) Central Village: An Eater reader emails, "Fuelray closed. Their website is defunct, and when I went by the other day, the gate was down after 5pm, when they should be opened. I peered in and saw a lot of dust on the bar and floor, and not much else. I can't find anything on the web about their closing, when it happened or why. I had my birthday party there in November. It's on 68 W. 3rd Street in the village." [SHUTTER]

2) Central Village: "say goodbye to pio maya on 8th street. i'm only sure it was due to rising rent and not because of their cuisine. they'll be missed. i hate this street." [SHUTTER]

3) Upper East Side: Regarding the chain New World Coffee, "the store on 3rd Avenue between 61st and 62nd Street has closed." [SHUTTER]

4) Boerum Hill: "I live next door to and above the Smith Street bar VEGAS, near Dean St. I've opened my front door to a pool of vomit and frequently kick aside old cigars and
small hills of cigarette butts as I leave the building. I was enthralled a few days ago when a U-Haul pulled up and a robins-egg blue couch and various other unclean items went in. The place has finally been shuttered, thank you very much. Please tell the Donut Plant there is space available in my hood." [SHUTTER]

5) Carroll Gardens: Post-Neroni, the shuttered Porchetta prepares for its rebirth (below). Suggestion: free gelato on (re)opening day! [SHUTTERWOOD]



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