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EaterWire: Rumors About A Jody Williams/McNally Split & More!

WEST VILLAGE—Here's one for the rumor mill: has Jody Williams been fired from Morandi? From the PX This forum, "supposedly there was a "big fight" after the bruni massacre thingie. and allegedly she "blamed it all on keith"-- she cannot maintain quality control under that kind of volume (well howwww was she to know it would be so popular ?! given all the other mcnally sleepers, that is." Click through for more discussion on the topic, but be warned, there's a lot of lololols, OMGs and exclamation points; and very little English. [PX This]

MIDTOWN WEST—Everyone's favorite cheap new lunch spot, Go! Go! Curry! on 38th Street between Seventh and Eight Aves, was closed for lunch today. Why God, why? [Midtown Lunch]