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Good News/Bad News: Grom

Grom, the celebrated Italian gelateria that has put the food set's panties in a bunch, has been serving on the UWS an eternity-seeming two days (note final Plywood appearance). Saturday the product was being offered gratis and Sunday at full price. Take away: While no one disputes their $4.75 price tag on a small cup is excessive, some are willing to let that bit slide; others, those who did not find God in a cup of ice cream, are less sold. Here's the deal:

1) Very Good News: "I started muttering obscene things related to rip-offs, but then I took my first bite of pistachio. It tasted like fresh-roasted pistachio nuts whipped into an ultra-creamy consistency. It was a quasi-religious experience it was so good. The capuccino was just great, but did not rise to religious heights. I then started in on the large cup. The guy was right about the grapefruit. It was like biting into the sweetest, juiciest, coldest grapefruit ever. It was more than a religious experience, it was a miracle of modern gastronomy and deliciousness." [Serious Eats]

2) Good News: "The small cup was free as advertised, and the large paid cup was a whopping $9.75. I ordered the Gianduja, which was incredible, like the Nutella of heaven; and the even better Crema di Grom with chewy/crunchy Battifolo biscuits and more of those Ecuadorian chocolate chips. All the flavors are deep and—yes, I'll say it—complex. The textures are smooth without even a hint of that oily plastic-ness that so often kills gelato. Grom's flavors change with the season, and they also serve sorbet and granita (click on the menu at right to enlarge). I can't wait to go back." [Scoboco]

3) Okay News: I ordered a small luna rosso, which was the flavor of the month. It was quite good --dense and creamy. It was also expensive --$4.75 plus tax for that a small cup. That cup, by the way, is made of biodegradable paper, unlike the plastic cups used by Il Laboratorio del Gelato on the Lower East Side. Anyway, at $4.75 a small serving I don't see myself becoming a regular. [WATPA]

4) Bad News: I went yesterday and waited almost an hour for free gelato (had I known the line was moving so slowly, I wouldn't have waited). I sampled 4 flavors: fiordilatte, crema di grom, chocolate, and pistachio. While it was good, the flavors were a little dull to me, and the texture of some of the gelati was too hard. After Grom, I was walking through Chelsea Market and got a sample of L'Arte del Gelato, which I found myself more excited about than Grom. I also prefer Otto to Grom. It's been a while since I've been to Il Lab, so I can't make that comparison. It might be worth going for a taste, but I'm not rushing back to pay $4.75 for a small. [Chowhound]

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