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EaterWire: Charlie Palmer's Plans For Aureole & More!

MIDTOWN—Restaurateur Charlie Palmer has decided to move his upscale American restaurant Aureole from it's current home in a brownstone on 61st Street between Park and Madison to a space in the Bank of America tower at One Bryant Park. Along with the location change comes the decision to make the restaurant more casual. One should note that this "seamless transition" (per PR-age) won't happen until spring 2009. [EaterWire]

TRIBECA—The news that Devin Tavern had replaced chef Chris Dunn with chef Derrick Styczek, as 'Wired late last month, has been confirmed by the eatery's PR mouthpiece. Also, the place has hired a new pastry chef, James Distefano. As you might gather, all this change can only mean one thing: a total menu revamp. If you're interested, take a gander at the duo's dinner and dessert offerings. [EaterWire]

RED HOOK—The vendors are officially back at the Red Hook Ballfields. Filing an early report is Eat For Victory's Nina Lalli, who notes that the stalls have been moved off of the sidewalk and onto the grass, making for "more of a picnic atmosphere." [Eat For Victory]