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Phase 1 of Yeo's Monkey Bar Makeover Complete; Dining Room Coming Soon

Kalina, 5/3/07

Above, the new Monkey Bar barroom at around 4 PM yesterday, just before open. Surely the dining room will emerge having undergone a more thorough renovation, but the new front room looks quite a bit like old one, albeit a bit spruced. The headline here, however, is the new menu. It's been significantly Yeo-ified, with items like her Yukon gold potato knish and the extremely happy-hour-friendly potato skin nachos. Official word is that the dining room opens in a couple of weeks -- memorandum to the Robs: if you don't have the exclusive yet, it probably went to The Flo -- but in our highly scientific pre-pre-Brunibetting analysis, Monkey Bar has a very legitimate shot at two stars on or around August 22nd.
· Monkey Bar Bar Menu [.pdf; Monkey Bar]