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Gross Out Fridays: StarYucks!

Friday has always been a day for fun at Eater, what with Receiptrocity and the like. Now, we bring you perhaps our greatest editorial achievement to date: Gross Out Fridays. Moving forward, Fridays will be the given time for such goodness as grasshoppers in chicken wraps and beetles in salads. And, because we know how much you like to not vomit, images will always be post-jump or, like here, run small enough so you don't really know the horror before your eyes. Consider this your warning. And away we go.


In the inbox today, a story and photographic evidence of a Starbucks mishap, appropriately subject-lined "Staryucks." We couldn't decide which of the two images sent to run, so we chose both. While photo below is the more vivid of the two, the framing job at right is too damn good to ignore.

An intrepid coffee drinker writes:

"This morning my coworker arrived at work with his daily Starbucks iced coffee... find a baby roach floating in it!!! SICKKKKKKK!!!! It was from the Starbucks on Third and 47th Street... They gave him a coupon for a free coffee and that's about it. Ew."