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Plywood Report: Grom, ex-Tono Sushi, Shucks Oyster Bar, FiDi Chipotle, Crave, Plus Brooklyn Plywood Mega-Bonus

If you don't like the restaurants in your neighborhood now, wait a couple of days. It's spring, and the Plywood is in bloom across this great city.


1) Upper West Side: Seen here Tuesday by photoblogger WhatISee, a post-plywood moment at gelato shrine (and twice Plywood vet) Grom, which has enjoyed an explosion of media coverage this week. From a tipster on the ground: "Passed by the new location that's opening tomorrow, May 5th. A lady was passing out flyers offering a free cup of gelato on their opening. Hopefully, the gelato tastes as good as the hype surrounding it." [POST-PLYWOOD, previous]

2007_05_tonoshutter.jpg2) Chelsea: Emails a special Eater correspondent, "Saw this walking back from Staples today. Looks like Tono Sushi next to Bar Veloce has closed. Lots of contractors running around inside. Snapped this photo (right). Thought I would pass along." [SHUTTERWOOD]

3) Central Village: Emails a tipster, "I work in the building above at 116 West Houston Street. I see they have closed and are now painting the place white. A sign the other day said a place called Shucks Oyster Bar would be open in the soon." [PLYWOOD]

4) FiDi: "This is not exactly highbrow, but since there really isn't too much by way of lunchtime excitement down here, I was happy to see a sign up for a new Chipotle on Maiden & Pearl Sts. Any info on an opening date? The sign that is up is not just a banner, it is the actual sign for the store—those don't usually go up until a place is about to open." [PLYWOOD]

5) Noho: "At Bleecker/Bond.The former Rafe [a handbag/shoe store] will be a pizzeria." [PLYWOOD?]

6) Midtown East: "Saw a sign at 50th and 2nd: 'Coming Soon: CRAVE: Ceviche Wine Bar.' What is a Ceviche Wine Bar?" [PLYWOOD]


7) Williamsburg: The Kalina, in his kindness, sends along the above photograph of a new place opening up on Bedford at South 1st in the old Coney's spot. Name: Refresh. [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]

8) Clinton Hill: Says a tipster to the Clinton Hill Blog regarding the endlessly mysterious space on Grand: "I'm imagining a sort of ghetto-glamorous night spot now, haha. It still seems a little dusty and unfinished in there for now, so who knows how much longer we will be on the edge of our seats in anticipation!" Click through for a most excellent visual image. [PLYWOOD]

9) Kensington: The Kensington (Brooklyn) blog has the word on a new Thai eatery set to open in the hood. Judging by the comments, locals are ecstatic. [PLYWOOD]

10) Smith Street: A final tipster report: "plywood on Smith street near atlantic -- looks to be a restaurant, i saw what seemed to be a bar at the back." Photo below. And with that, we are outta here. [PLYWOOD]


Grom - Bleecker Street

233 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 206-1738 Visit Website