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EaterWire: Employees Only Owners To Open Two More Restaurants!

Via an email tip and this photo from Frankenstein, we learn that Penang is moving from their current UWS location to the former Eden Wok space at 127 W 72nd Street. Rent increases are to blame.

WEST VILLAGE—The rumor about Employees Only taking over the Marylou’s space on Ninth Street and Sixth Avenue, which first surfaced on PX This, was confirmed by Cutlets today. The restaurant, which will be named Zeppelin, is "months" away. Next up for the EO folks (after Zeppelin, of course): an eatery that will serve the cuisine of Macao. Interesting. [Cutlets]

EAST VILLAGE—A query, from a reader, "Any idea why Pastry Chef Lauren Dawson left Hearth, and where she is now?" Tips are, of course, appreciated. [EaterWire Inbox]