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Eater Inside: Suba

Kalina, 5/1/07.

Focus in right here, people. This is the new, redone, version 2.0 Suba, Yann de Rochefort's LES Spanish restaurant. The chef is now Seamus Mullen, of Boqueria fame. We have been asked to kindly emphasize the following: "The feeling is that there have been virtually no attempts, until now, to offer a vision of Spanish cuisine beyond tapas bars. Based on the great response to Boqueria, Seamus and Yann wanted to revisit Suba to offer Spanish cooking not confined exclusively to tapas. Expect a place that celebrates what Seamus learned at Alkimia and Abbac in Barcelona and Mugaritz in San Sebastian."

Further reading in this Plywood Special. Above, the lounge; below, the grotto room.