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Eater Contest: Conceptualize Tavern on the Green 2.0, Win Free Big Apple Barbecue Bubba Fast Passes Update!

We'll close our in-progress contest to reconceptualize Tavern on the Green and win Two Bubba Fast Passes to gorge away in the barbecue kingdom of Danny Meyer a week from today. So this here is your friendly reminder to get in the game. The task at hand: reinvent Tavern on the Green, using resources, chefs, money and Trump as you wish.

Here's a sampling of your competition:

1) Alinea on the Green: Ok, here goes - Alinea on the Green - Grant Achatz in the park. He's pretty much the apostle of new cooking already, so let's give him a stage where he's guaranteed an audience that'll eat whatever he serves. Before long, people in Nebraska will be bringing home ridiculously high concept peanut butter and jelly - it'll be a mass evangelization, the likes of which haven't been seen since the last time somebody ate a bad mushroom in the desert.

Think of the cross-town rivalries to be had with Thomas Keller and Jean-Georges. People will be lining up to buy merchandise showing their affiliation - maybe there'll even be a satellite branch in CitiField when it opens - hot dogs with foam emulsions of mustard.

2) The BruniBetting Parlor: The bar is a sports bar, with live updated odds on the upcoming Bruni reviews. You would be allowed to wager your bar tab on the number of stars and particular Bruni truns of phrase in the next review. The restaurant would serve highlights of the best in the city - selecting the favorite dishes of the chefs from restaurants receive 2 stars or more from the Frankster.

3) Tavern on the Putting Green: Since going "green" is the new rage (and it's ecologically important!), and minigolf is cool in that my-parents-made-me-play-on-every-vacation way, turn Tavern on the Green into, well, a Tavern on the Green! Minigolf?!? National Miniature Golf Day was just celebrated and finally became "officially recognized" according to wikipedia, so now is definitely time to bank on this popular, er, sporting event. The restaurant can retain its indoor and outdoor areas, but the floor design would be some kind of eco-friendly putting green. The outdoor green can be closely-trimmed grass, and the indoor green can be the proverbial minigolf felt that we all know. Both can have sand traps, small bodies of water, and cheesy decor, such as windmills, tunnels, lumberjacks, whales, etc.

The outside green is the actual functioning minigolf course. Maybe the windmill (outside) can actually power something from the wind power, similar to the way Brooklyn's Habana Outpost uses patron-driven energy to make smoothies and such. A hole-in-one at the end would get you a meal discount or free well drink. The course could look like those you see in beach towns, or it could have a New York slant with New York City landmarks and icons. Some sort of "snack bar" outside with the usual hot dogs, soft pretzels, and lemonade would add a nice touch.

Reconceptualize Tavern on the Green, win two free Bubba Fast Passes to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Entries being accepted via the tipline.