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Memo to the Men's E-Dailies: On the Crucial Matter of Smith & Mill's Pisser

On one of those special days when the front and back page cover photos of NYC's tabloids aligned, nature presents us with an even greater gift: the perfect alignment of the city's three 'DailyCandy For Men' email newsletters (above). The opening coverage blitz concerning diminutive, unmarked bar Smith and Mills in Tribeca—an establishment that from recent inspection we can tell you is beyond tiny in a way that photos can't do justice—serves as a reminder that the city would be well served by one of the UD/Thrillist/RareDaily troika snapping up the other two. Someone get Kravis on line one already.

As long as we've got all three, shall we see how they compare on the matter of Smith and Mills? Of course we shall.

The bathroom reports from the three e-dailies, plus a bonus Cutlets account:

Thrillist: "Check out the magnificent pisser -- built into an antique elevator, with a fold-up sink salvaged from an old train, it's the only spot in the bar where shaking's preferred, and stirring's discouraged."

UrbanDaddy: "In the bathroom—a onetime elevator shaft—you'll use a train car sink that empties manually (it'll be just like that summer in Dresden)."

RareDaily: "But it's the bathroom that's the signature piece: built into the building's original freight elevator car. The owners of Smith & Mills salvaged the car and decorated every inch - from the original door on sliding hinges, to wrought iron work, and even added an antique, foldable train car sink."

Cutlets: "The bathroom is an old elevator pulled piece-by-piece from a building on Broadway."

No doubt the truth is in there somewhere. And there we have more than you ever wanted to know about a tiny little bathroom, at a tiny little bar.
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UPDATE: In a massive non-shocker, Men.Style gets in on it, too. Their pisser take: "Decor mostly reflects that eclectic past, with an ornate freight elevator-turned-bathroom (left), antique lighting, and vintage drafting chairs for seating." Bonus points, however, for actually featuring a shot of the bathroom.