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SPONSORED POST: FreshDirect President's Picks

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FD_PRES_3.jpgHeritage Pork Baby Back Ribs
Price: $4.99/lb (was $7.99)
About: These succulent little cuts are ideal if you want ribs in a hurry. Baby backs are more tender than spareribs, and since they're smaller, they cook faster. They are also especially luscious after a long, slow session of smoking. [ORDER]
FD_PRES_2.jpgOrange Hothouse Bell Pepper
Price: $1.99/lb (was $3.99)
About: As sweet as red bell peppers, sometimes even sweeter. These seasonal varieties are beautiful, mild, and crunchy. They are as deliciously fruity as reds. But we think they are even prettier. Hothouse peppers typically come from Holland, Mexico, and Israel. [ORDER]
FD_PRES_1.jpgLocal Wild Mahi-Mahi Fillet
Price: $7.99/lb (was $12.99)
About: Although the name may sound exotic, the Mahi-mahi is a popular fish delivered straight from cool, clear local waters. Mahi-mahi's ivory-colored flesh boasts fine flakes, a firm chewiness, and mild flavor. Mahi-mahi is also called dolphinfish, a name that has spawned rumors that you're eating actual dolphin. You're not. Mahi-mahi is a tender, sweet-tasting fish that we think makes the ultimate fish sandwich. [ORDER]


Each week, our friends at FreshDirect choose a few of their favorite products and
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