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PLYMANIA Williamsburg Edition: Retractable Roofs, Pizza Explosions, and a Peter Luger Plywood Mystery

1) Williamsburg: You may not know that emails that contain the phrase "retractable roof" automatically trigger a siren at Eater HQ. Let us dig into Billyburg, then, with this first siren-approved reveal from a tipster: "Here's a shot of what will someday be a beer garden with a retractable roof. Pretty sure it's owned by the guys in Astoria who have The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. On the corner of North Third and Berry, across from The Levee." [PLYWOOD]

2) Williamsburg: Another phrase that triggers the siren at Eater HQ: pizza explosion. Which happens to be the headline of a post by photoblogger Will Femia of the establishments seen below. Femia backgrounder: "Two new pizza spots within just a few blocks of each other. La Nonna is the one on Bedford and N4th. Fratelli is on Grand." Both look to be straddling the fine line between Plywood and Post-Plywood. Yummy. [PLY/POST-PLYWOOD]


3) South Williamsburg: A reader emails, "I have what I feel a interesting question that maybe we can start a buzz about and get an answer. I have been a loyal customer of Peter Luger in Brooklyn for many years and notice there is a room under renovation for at least five years. Every time I ask the managers they laugh and say it will be done soon; however its not. Do you think we can find out about this Luger mystery room. If you look at a picture of the place on their website it's the front room with the windows on the left." We've been down this road before. So anyone know the real story? If so, drop us a line. [ETERNAL PLYWOOD]

Peter Luger Steak House

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 387-7400 Visit Website