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PLYMANIA Odds and Sods: Borough, Hill Country, More!

Closing out a day of Plymania, miscellaneous reader reports from around Manhattan. Want to foment Plymania in your neck of the woods? Photos and reports, please, to the tipline.

1) Gramurray: A reader report (filed last week) on yet another Jeffrey Chodorow/Zak Pelaccio venture: "walked past BOROUGH FOOD AND DRINK on east 22nd street [the old caviar and banana/rocco's place] today around 1230pm; the brown paper covered doors were flung open. inside very woody as in even the square columns are covered in wood. walked past again at 145pm, three guys sitting on the front terrace, eating takeout, looking kind of furtive. maybe because i was watching them eat trying to get a better look. obvious question: why would someone come in from the boroughs to eat at a resto called borough?" We're into the post-plywood phase here now. [POST-PLYWOOD]

2) Midtown East: "there's a new space on 41st between 3rd and lex that's just been revealed. It's in the 622 Third Ave building but the entrance is on 41st. Any idea what it's going to be?" Nope. You? [PLYWOOD?]

3) Chelsea: Another mystery of sorts: "West 26th between 6th and B'way, mid-block, south side. Almost directly across from Black Pearl. Plywood has come down in the last week or so. Store-front type facade, applications for 54 seat outdoor area. Permits and applications give name as Hill Country NYC. Ducked inside this morning and space is still somewhat raw, several antique-y signs referencing barbecue, 6 seat bar to the right (west wall). Space had been vacant or under development for about last two years. At least one other resto (Tex-Mex I was told) had the permits/financing fall through." [POST-PLYWOOD]