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PLYMANIA West Village: Jefferson Market Vicinity Edition

Our magical day of PLYMANIA continues in the West Village, where we're seeing a hub of activity around the Jefferson Square Library.

1) West Village: Announcing new life at former corpse Jefferson. The folks behind Ruby's Cafe have taken over the space. Here's the deal, as related in Community Board 2 minutes from 5/8: "WHEREAS, this application is for transfer of an On Premise license for a restaurant, pursuant to purchase and located in a 2800 s.f. premise in a commercial building with the entrance on West 10th Street between Greenwich and 6th Avenues with 100 table seats and 2 bars with 12 seats and a maximum legal capacity of 150 persons; and, WHEREAS, the applicant stated the hours of operation will be 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday and 9:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. Sunday;...WHEREAS, there are no complaints regarding the previous operation and no one appeared in opposition from the community." Opening date is TBD, though our last pass by the space reveals rapid progress. [PLYWOOD]

2) West Village: 19 Greenwich Avenue, previously Good Olde Things, an enormously overpriced antiques shop, is to become a restaurant. Working title for said venue is Sweetiepie LLC. The spot weighs-in at 52 table seats and 1 bar with 17 seats. If their community board support of a full liquor license is any indication, there will be booze. [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: Aja, a production of an Asian restaurant at 1st and 59th, appears to have plans to move downtown, into the space that was EJ's Luncheonette, 462 Sixth Avenue. If their downtown build-out is to be anything like what they did uptown, this one is a ways off; but they do have CB approval for a liquor license when ready. [PRE-PLYWOOD]