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EaterWire: Periyali's Owner Wants To Open Uptown & More!

UPTOWN—Exciting news for lovers of Hellenic cuisine. From a tipster, "Guys this is very hot news off the press, just had dinner tonight and heard the matierdee [sic] saying to a table next to me that the owner (Steve Tzolis) is hunting for a uptown branch location for a new Periyali for a opening this summer. That is fantastic news, grilled Octupus [sic] for all!!!" Still hunting for a location, but hoping to open this summer? Something's off here. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—Remember that profile of "rising star" David Chang that the Times ran a week ago? Well, the fact-checkers missed one detail with their hairtooth combs: "The Public Lives column last Friday, about David Chang, the owner of the Momofuku restaurants in the East Village and the winner of this year’s James Beard Foundation award for best new chef, referred imprecisely to the Japanese name for another restaurant he plans to open, Ko. It is more accurately translated as 'child' than 'son of.'" You know, not to be nitpicky at all. [NY Times]

HELL'S KITCHEN—Yes, Siberia, the dirty dive bar loved by many, is being forced out of its grotty home on 40th Street. But, the bar's owner has plans to reopen somewhere else in the city. [Cutlets]