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Eater Contest: Conceptualize Tavern on the Green 2.0, Win Free Big Apple Barbecue Bubba Fast Passes

The prize in our in-progress contest to reconceptualize Tavern on the Green? Two Bubba Fast Passes, and matching seminar tix, to the 5th Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Danny Meyer's annual feast of roughly 1500 pigs is a mere 16-plus days away (review/intel is here), which means you better get to thinking about Tavern on the Green.

As for the early entries, not surprisingly Mr. Danny Meyer and/or the Shake Shack have appeared in roughly half them. While we're all for the Meyer-ization of Central Park, a word of advice: If you're going to go Meyer with your entry, get creative.

Three early birds that have caught our attention:

1) Make it a Drive-in: "i think it would be a great place to relocate the adorable roller boogie gang from further in the park. they have been getting hassled over the past few years, nypd keeps threatening to ban them. they have sometimes even been relegated to skating with their headphones on. the place could be a drive in in the front with upscale burgers and shakes (a la shake shack, but you can wait in your car or on picnic benches). the awesome roller boogiers can be servers and there can be a roller rink out the back with a bar and more snacks. the other dining rooms can feature a more traditional menu, let's say steak-house. now that would be fun for the whole family--hipsters, old school roller skating queens, the bar mitzvah-ed, corporate dinners, you name it! p.s. it's one of the best emergency bathrooms in ny!"

2) Make it a Food Court: "Gut it, make it a big mutherforking food court with outdoor seating for nice summer days. What vendors in the food court? Shack Shack II, Little Owl on the Green, Momofukusomething or other, Katz's Uptown, Grand Sichaun, Central Park, Snack Dragon Taco Hut, Dim Sum Go Go Go and it goes on and on..."

3) Tavern on the Spleen: "It would serve only offal. Get Chris Cosentino to head it up."

Reconceptualize Tavern on the Green, win two free Bubba Fast Passes to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Entries being accepted via the tipline.