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Eater Contest: Conceptualize Tavern on the Green 2.0!

With the LeRoy Family's lease on Tavern on the Green set to expire at the end of 2009—and Donald Trump having already declared his intention to bid for the rights to serve mediocre cuisine to thousands of tourists—other players are lining up for a shot at the ol' mare. Chris Shott quotes Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe in the Observer today saying all the "top people in the dining business" are potential players—naming the Boathouse's Dean Poll and Danny Meyer as possible suitors.

Alright. But you know? Just not sexy enough for our tastes. So once again, we turn to you for help. Who would you like to see take over Tavern on the Green, and/or what dining concept brought to bear? No idea to big or too batshit—the more over the top, the better, no? We'll run our favorites and throw a fabulous prize to the winner (no, really). Emails to the tipline, natch.
· Rumble in Central Park: Who Will Get LeRoy's Tavern? [NYObserver]
· EaterWire: Trump in at Tavern? [~E~, last item]

Tavern on The Green

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