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EaterWire Special Rumor Clarification Edition: Cain Very Likely Closing Earth

CHELSEA/NO MEAT—Here's the thing about Community Board meetings as they relate to liquor license applications and rumors and denials: You have to disclose the address of the location at which you want to serve booze at CB hearings, which makes subsequent denials, like this one, as much as we do like to hear from all sides, patently absurd. So let's set this puppy straight. Cain, in search of a new location, got Community Board 2 approval to serve booze at 116A 10th Avenue. The next step here is for the fine folks of Cain to actually acquire the space, which they are—clearly—in the process of doing. As for the status of the acquisition, Kamali, that cagey bastard, would say nothing. But memo to to Earth employees: your owners are trying to unload the space. [EaterWire; EaterWire]