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Eater Headhunter Special Edition: Wakiya

Shockingly, it looks like Wakiya, the epically-delayed and botched restaurant at Ian Shraeger's Gramercy Park Hotel is actually, really, truly, actually going to open. If you want to get in on the action (probably accurate: if you want to get in at all), they're holding an open call for staff tomorrow. Signs are posted around the hotel and the notice is on Craigslist as well:

Servers, Bussers, Runners, Barbacks, Hostesses, Hosts, Cooks

New high-end Asian Restaurant to open inside the Gramercy Park Hotel is conducting massive Open Interviews on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 21, 22, & 23rd between the hours of 11AM and 1PM.

Bring your resume to 2 Lexington Avenue on the corner of 21st St. and Lexington Avenue. Use the Employee Entrance at 21st Street. Go to the Security Booth and mention Wakiya Restaurant. If you are on the premises and are lost, call Jack 917-882-6450.

Current non-official-but-accurate estimates for when the venue is slated to open: July 2007.
· Servers, Bussers, Runners, Barbacks, Hostesses, Hosts, Cooks [Craigslist]
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