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The Beach Returns!

Today marks the official start of the season at The Beach, our seasonal title covering all things related to The Hamptons. We've been fired up for a little while now, carefully planning your summer reentry, but now it's time for you to get yourself in an East End state of mind. Here's how we can help:

· Tutto il Giorno and Prime 103 are the two biggest openings of the early summer. Here's the early word on both.

· Shocking as this sounds, there is life at the Beach in the off-season. Do get caught up.

· With every season comes gimmicky ways to drop huge piles of cash on very little. This year, for example, how to blow $15,000 to see Billy Joel.

· And, of course, the Beach WeatherDesk is now up and running. Care to see how much sun is in the weekend forecast?

The Beach is published by the Curbed Network and produced by Curbed and Eater. Logo and banner work is by the very talented Khoi Uong; photography is styled for the beach by none other than the great Noah Kalina. Josh May joins the editorial team this summer. He'll file from location, on the beach, all season long and will be backed by last season's editor, Noa Taffet, as well as the LS and the BL, of course.

Yes, indeed, friends. Life is, once again, a Beach.
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