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EaterWire Exclusive: The 2nd Ave. Deli Will Return 'In Five Months'

It looks like the famed 2nd Ave. Deli will definitely be reopening at at 162 E. 33rd St., which had been rumored in January. We have received the first reliable confirmation, as well as a projected opening date in the form of this communique, from a trusted correspondent:

I was rolling down Atlantic Avenue in a cab on my way back from a housewarming party. As the cab rolled to a stop at a red light, I noticed the second ave deli van had just pulled up next to me. I rolled down the window to speak to the driver.

Me: You still making deliveries?
Driver: Nah man, soon. soon tho.
Me: Really? They are reopening?
Driver: Yeah.
Me: Where?
Driver: Thirty Third and Third
Me: Wow! How long?
Driver: Soon man. Soon.
Me: How soon?
Driver: Oh, I say five months.

There you have it folks. This might actually be the kind of earth-shattering area upgrade that could have us listing Murray Hill as an actual neighborhood category. Might. Plywood and the rest to follow shortly.
· 2nd Ave. Deli Rides Again? [~E~]