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EaterWire: Jason Denton Spills The Beans On His New Restaurant & More DOH!

FLATIRON—Jason Denton, former Otto investor, checks in to clarify a couple of items about his new restaurant. To wit: "1. This will most certainly not be an Otto-style restaurant. 2. There is no wood burning oven. 3. Though there might be Salumi, it will not be a main focus of the restaurant. 4. A name has not been decided upon." [EaterWire]

CHELSEA—A reader reports that, not surprisingly, Outback Steakhouse has been shuttered by the DOH. "I was walking over on 23rd street between 5th and 6th Avenue today and walked by the Outback Steakhouse. It had a couple of DOH flyers on the doors with no other signs. The restaurant was dark and closed." [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Another note about a possible DOH closure, via a tipster, "I tried to order delivery from the UES Osso Bucco last night at 8pm and no one picked up the phone, I was walking by later in the night and noticed that they have a closed for renovations sign in the window. Seems mysterious because if I remember correctly the downtown Osso Bucco was DOHed a couple weeks ago." Update: "The reason they are closed is that there was a big fire there Saturday afternoon in the kitchen and exhaust hoods. Third avenue was shut down above 92nd street for hours and there were 2 ladder trucks and several other trucks and emt's on sceen for hours. If you look on the side of Osso Bucco on the 93rd street side you will see a big piece of plywood." [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST—That's not all. A reader has info about a Hell's Kitchen DOHage, "On Friday I noticed that Go Sushi on 9th Ave. and 51st/ (maybe 52nd) had been DOH'd...shocker" [EaterWire Inbox]

SOHO—Restaurant Lola Is Soul been in the process of "reopening" for months, and here's something that may delay the process even further: the restaurant's owners have parted ways with chef Dave Martin. [Top Chef: They Cook. We Dish.]