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EaterWire Friday Rumors Bonus: Pelaccio & Chodorow!

UPPER WEST SIDE—From a reputable Eater source: "I live on the UWS in the early '80s and I have heard talk that the Fish's Eddy space on Broadway and 77th was taken over by Jeffrey Chodorow. That was maybe a year ago. Now I have recently heard from a very, very reliable source that the space is going to become a Fatty Crab. This actually makes sense because of Chodorow and Zak Pelaccio's partnership. No official confirmations— but that's the word on the street. We in the neighborhood are REALLY, REALLY hoping that the rumor is true. Please, because the takeout options here are really slim. Basically it's Gari, Land or La Caridad. Patsy's doesn't even deliver." [EaterWire Inbox]

MEATPACKING—As long as we're on the topic of Sir Jeffrey, may as well let this slip too. We've heard word from two different sources that Chodorow is planning a new steakhouse in Manhattan. The venue? None other than the Gansevoort Hotel. His partner (at least in a branding sense) fo the project? Maxim magazine. (Whether or not this would displace Ono remains to be seen.) Either way: dear God, this has to happen. [EaterWire Staff]