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EaterWire: Gonzo's Chef Passes Away

Normally, the 'Wire is a place of late-breaking news, assorted DOHage, juicy rumors and the like. Today, though, the tone is a bit more solemn.

WEST VILLAGE—Some terribly sad news out of the West Village. From a tipster, "Received a phone call this evening from the manager of Gonzo restaurant informing me that Vincent Scotto, the 40n year old chef / prop died today. While funeral arrangements are not complete I was given a phone number to be updated with details. Thought that some of your readers might be interested in this sad news." The restaurant will be open tonight and tomorrow, and will be closed Sunday and Monday with plans to reopen on Tuesday. [EaterWire]

NOHO—Word on the street is that Italian restaurant Il Buco has been DOHed. From a reader who's a little too in love with caps lock, "IL BUCO WAS SHUT DOWN BY THE DOH!!!" [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE—In regards to an earlier rumor concerning a possible UWS outpost of Fatty Crab, managing partner Rick Camac has issued a strict denial. "As managing partner of Fatty Crab, I assure you that there is no truth to the rumor that Pelaccio and Chodorow are planning a Fatty Crab, on the UWS, or anywhere else, for that matter. That would not, and could not, happen without my knowledge and involvement. I do not know where you get your "very, very reliable" info from but there is no truth to that rumor at this time." [EaterWire]