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The Delay: Sam Mason Hates Family Values

While we wait patiently, eagerly for Sam Mason to open his new restaurant Tailor we bring you The Delay. It's a look at the much-postponed opening, via intelligence courtesy of Sam Mason's Cutlets posts, in addition to reader tips. Have a funny Masonism you'd like to share, or some news on Tailor's progress? Don't be stingy; share the wealth.

2007_05_delay1.jpgDATE: circa May 15, 2007
OFFICIAL TAILOR OPENING DATE: Unclear (previously, "late February"; "March")
DELAY DEETS: Strap in, kiddles—the Mason Meltdown, at long last, is so fucking on. Let's hand the mic to the man himself: "We've been held up for a week because the ventilation hood wasn't built right and wasn't ready in time. Most people have no sense of urgency; when the day’s over, they just walk out. They probably want to hang out with their families. It's just getting frustrating. I wish I could convey just how frustrating." Yes, those pesky families. In a world with no children, Tailor would almost certainly be serving us already. One can dream.
THE DELAY (based upon above information): July
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