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EaterWire New Venue Intel Bonus: Denton's Bar Milano, Cain & Burger Joint Relocate

We're hearing rumblings this morning about new venues around town. To wit:

FLATIRON—Jason Denton, who recently pulled out as an investor in Mario Batali's Otto, is opening an Otto-like restaurant across the street from Gramercy Tavern on 20th. Brick oven, cured meats, the works. Name: Bar Milano. We hear investors are being gathered as we type these very words.

CHELSEA—On the lingering question of where überclub Cain is landing, we hear they've signed a lease at 116A 10th Avenue (at 17th Street, formerly Earth). N.B. at a recent community board hearing, they committed to not doing a rooftop for the new location. UPDATE: The search for the exact location continues, per this friendly note from the fine folks at Earth: "THIS ISN'T TRUE. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. THERE IS NO LEASE THAT WAS SIGNED BY ANYONE FOR OUR SPACE. PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF YOUR WEBSITE. THANK YOU."

GRAMURRAY—From a tipster: "Since the burger joint on 3rd avenue had so many issues with the building they have since signed a lease for a larger venue across the street at 220 third avenue. It will be open july 1st." And that, friends, is the proper way of handling a DOH shuttering.