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McNally on Bruni, II: Keith Offers More Evidence of Sexism, Times Prints Letter

Today, the Times printed a version of the letter Keith McNally sent us last week, with some further evidence of the Bruni's sexism provided (ostensibly, upon section editor Pete Wells' request). The key argument against version one McNally's letter (here) was that the reason fewer female chefs get good reviews in New York is not because the Bruni has an 'unremittingly sexist slant,' but because there are fewer female chefs in New York, period. Sure. Fine. Here's McNally on the redirect:

The last male restaurant reviewer for The New York Times was William Grimes. Despite reviewing in a period when there were almost certainly fewer female chefs in the business, Mr. Grimes awarded a higher number of them two and three stars. During his first 150 reviews Mr. Grimes gave three stars to one female chef, two stars to four female chefs (as well as to an additional three wife-and-husband teams), and one and no stars to seven female chefs. This is not to suggest that Mr. Bruni is biased against giving female chefs a fair shake. Only that statistics do not necessarily suggest otherwise.
Don't mess with the McNally folks. Just don't. Keith, another bottle of the cheap, please.
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