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The Shutter: Little Charlie's Clam Bar, Le Streghe

The Shutter covers restaurant and bar closings around town. Seen an old favorite drop the grate for the final time? File an obit, svp.


1) Little Italy: A reader emails, "Little Charlie's Clam Bar, on Kenmare, has long been one of the best red sauce Italian's in the city. It's been around since 1926. Well, not anymore. I've been phoning for a week and nobody's answered. Today, when I passed, I saw that the interior had been completely demolished (above right). Looks like another neighborhood standby is gone. This is a real loss. An old-time, great red sauce Italian is gone." Indeed. As close readers recall, this is the coming of Ivan Kane. Still, such carnage is tough to look at. Arrivederci, etc. [SHUTTER]

2) Soho: "Landlord posted 'Store for Rent' signs at Le Streghe (331 West Broadway) in Soho, just down the street from Lucky Strike and Papatzul and Toad Hall. I hear the lease is up end of October." [ADVANCE SHUTTER]