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From Porchetta to Carniceria, Petit Larceny to Money Laundering and Conspiracy

So, this is mostly a Cutlets story, the re-christening of Porchetta as Carniceria, that is. But, because The Cutlets isn't going to, we'd like to just point out (via Mouthfuls) that Carniceria owner Marco "sign your own checks, I dare you" Rivera has gone from Jason Neroni, a small time crook, at best, to Alex Garcia, who in 2003 was charged with conspiracy and money laundering in connection with a massive drug ring bust. He was then sentenced to a year of probation. Rivera's comments about Neroni: "We wanted to change direction and distance ourselves from what happened with Jason.” And by distance, he means upgrade to a higher level of criminal behavior. Both Neroni and Garcia are great chefs, of course, but if you're Marco Rivera and you want to start fixing your name, the latter is an aggressive pick, indeed.
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