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Eater Mailbag: Idiots at Otto, Meyer Owns Eater, Cockroaches, PJ's and Trump!

We may not have the comments system fired up in these parts, but, as a point of fact, we do hang on your every word. Here now, some assorted bits, plucked straight and unedited, from the Eater Mailbag. Want to get in on the fun? Your musings welcome to the tipline, as always.

The hostess told them when they arrived that they needed the table at 8 and they "thought it was a rude comment and chose to ignore it"???? Idiots like this need to learn the rules of engagement before they congregate in public, especially in herds of 18. I am sure whomever hosted this little soiree was offered this "comment" when the party was reserved 2 months in advance. The fact that they dropped 2 grand means little to a place like this. Otto would have generated that much revenue (if not more) in those 2 hours with far less hassle. People do no business any favors by throwing parties of 18. It's a courtesy to accept a reservation that size and the fact that they got their 18 cappuccinos by 8 was no small feat. Better not to ignore "comments."

"Who owns Eater - Danny Meyers??? The Shake Shack is getting a majority of press from Eater. I don't know of another restaurant that gets so much of your attention so I can only assume Mr. Meyers owns or pays big bucks to get you to spam the SS."

After reading entry after entry regarding the denizens of this city's eateries, I was hoping you could inform your readers to the fact that EVERY RESTAURANT IN THIS CITY HAS RATS, MICE AND COCKROACHES! The fact that some get caught does'nt hide the fact that if they are in your home, and I know they are, then they are in your restaurant. If this is too much to handle move to Iowa. Thanks!

The bar and wait staff incessantly introduce themselves, shake hands and ask "what's your name?" This cloying attempt at friendship aside, I had one of the finest filet mignons (au poivre) in recent memory. Great side of home fries too! Very well-staffed, well-run, and good-looking restaurant, if only the bartenders rejected management's wish for all customers to become their best friends!

Tavern's lease is set to expire late 2007 and Trump has made it clear that he wants the property. He feels that it has gone down hill since the death of Warner LeRoy and may be right. The food quality has not been good for awhile. Although the eatery claims to still be the top grossing restaurant in NYC, it was bumped out of that spot by Marc Packers TAO. Jenny was only 23 when she took over, due to the location and tourist traffic it will always do a good business, however, the expertise is just not there. Since the departure of the Director of Sales, Allan Kurtz, even the private dining department has seen its revenue's decrease. It would be fantastic to see someone (even if it is Trump) breath some life back into this floundering venue. No doubt that Warner is rolling over in his grave, first the abysmal Russian Tea Room reno and now Trump vying for his beloved Tavern on the Green. Yikes.