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The Dish: Saucy, Aurora Soho, Casellula Cheese and Wine Café, Sandro's, Native, China de Puebla

Hungry? We've got a extra-large platter of Dish for you today.


1) Saucy: New to the Upper East Side is this restaurant whose claim to fame is their abundance of sauces—they offer fifty different types. The name, therefore, is apropos. The idea: diners mix and match the sauces with their choice of entree (pasta, meat, fish, etc.). Genius or gimmicky? From a reader, "this is Saucy on 75th and York ave. not sure if this is worth a dish mentioning, the only thing i could find about it smells of shill." (1409 York Ave at 75th St, (212) 249-3700). [RareDaily; Restaurant Girl]

2) Aurora Soho: The very popular, very delicious Williamsburg-based Italian restaurant Aurora has opened an outpost in Soho. The Broome Street location boasts new dishes such as Castelmagno cheese raviolini delelin and baby goat roulade with crispy artichoke. (510 Broome St between West Broadway and Thompson St, (212) 334-9020). [Eater Inbox]

3) Casellula Cheese and Wine Café: Located in "the beautiful Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan," this eatery offers a ton of fromage from all over the globe as well as an extensive wine selection. Can't really quibble with such a classic combination. They're also offering sandwiches, salads and small plates. The place's website has more info as well as photos. (401 W 52nd St at Ninth Ave, (212) 247-8137). [Eater Inbox]

4) Sandro's: Opened by Sandro Fioriti, a chef and "adventurer" (per the press release) that's bounced around the NYC restaurant scene (with stints at Table XII, Il Valentino and a previous incarnation of Sandro's) this Italian restaurant serves "authentic Roman cooking." That means dishes like ravioli with sea urchin roe, sauce of scallops and tomato and bucatini with tomato sauce, onion and pancetta. (306 E 81st St at Second Ave, (212) 288-7374). [Eater Inbox; Cutlets]

5) Native: Eclectic Harlem eatery Native has reopened with a new cocktail menu and fancied-up decor. According to a diner, "its menu is still a bit scattered, as one would have a difficult time determining which native the restaurant is modeled after, but the entrees we tried on Thursday night were solid improvements over the previous selections." (161 Lenox Ave at W 118th St, (212) 665-2525). [Harlem Fur]

6) China de Puebla: If you didn't get it from the name, this is a Mexican/Chinese fusion joint. The restaurant, located in Harlem, is owned by Ian Nal (who, per a quick Googling session, we think was the former sommelier at the UWS' Cafe Mozart); the kitchen is run by chef Jason Scott Titner (also formerly of Cafe Mozart). From the menu you can expect offerings such as huitlacoche fried rice and hoisin-braised duck carnitas. (3143 Broadway at 123rd St, (212) 222-8666). [NYT]