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Friedman & Co. Taking on Seafood

The Spotted Pig team of April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman have settled on their next project. It will be a dressed-down seafood restaurant, set in between Craftsteak and Del Posto, with Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich as partners. From Ken:

"April & I are working on our next project, a casual yet elegant English-inspired oyster bar/seafood resto with April as the exec chef and partner, an open kitchen, indoor and outdoor seating and the same hip relaxed hospitality that is offered at the porcine prince. Mario & Joe will be close by -- next door at Del Posto - to hold our hands when we need them to be held. We hope to be open in the fall. Address is 85 10th Avenue -- We've always said that our 2nd place needs to be within walking distance from the pig. Name tbd."
The restaurant, which appeared before the community board as The Striped Marlin, has gotten the community board's endorsement for a liquor license. Opening date TBD.

Update: The restaurant will be called the John Dory.