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Ivan Kane Taking Little Charlie's Clam Bar for Forty Deuce Club

In as vivid an indication as there is that the end of Nolita is near, Ivan Kane, LA and Vegas club king, will be taking over Little Charlie's Clam Bar at 19 Kenmare Street, open since 1926, for his first New York club and burlesque stage, Forty Deuce (LA club, dancer pictured right). Per the press release he sent around yesterday (and corroborated by this TONY scoop and a consultation with Mr. Kamali, who had listed the space) this looks to be a done deal, that he's opening his club, with Sting and David Bowie as partners, note, and closing Little Charlie's in the process.

So just what is in store for us at Forty Deuce NY? From the Forty Deuce website:

The mission of Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce clubs is to bring back nightlife’s mystique, fun, glamour and danger, but most of all; it’s about good, old-fashioned sex. With current locations in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, and a new venue about to open in New York, the club entrepreneur has added his own unique blend of excitement, sexual allure and a little bit of edge to going out.
And from the press release:
Kane has also just announced that the New York City Forty Deuce will open this fall. In partnership with Sting and David Bowie, Kane will be opening up the new club at 19 Kenmare Street between Bowery and Elizabeth, in the trendy Nolita area. Ivan Kane, who named Forty Deuce after his home town and Times Square, "is thrilled to be finally bringing it home!"
If two is a trend, New York is about to be in a very burlesque moment, what with The Box being around the corner. Also interesting to note, when the club opens (no date set) Sting and wife Trudie Styler, who is an investor in Socialista, will have competing New York hot spots. Read more about Ivan Kane, and be very afraid, via the click.
· Bio: Ivan Kane [Forty Deuce]